Interview with Sophie French – a loyal and valued BuckWHAT customer!

September 9, 2018

One of my absolute favorite things about what I do is the opportunity to meet so many amazing people along the way: fellow mompreneurs (who I find so inspiring), mentors who provide me with endless and very much appreciated guidance, and certainly not least, my loyal customers.

So, I decided to dedicate this blog post to one of my very first customers. Sophie French has been buying my buckwheat-based Noshes from the very start, when I was 7 months pregnant and selling them out of jars at Spring Farmers Market in East Hampton New York.

Sophie recently emailed me to share how she and her family enjoy BuckWHAT! Noshes. Nothing makes me happier than hearing from happy noshers that love buckwheat! I asked Sophie if she wouldn’t mind answering a few questions for my blog post. I was so thrilled when she said yes! Sophie was not only kind enough to agree, but she also welcomed me into her home and shared her stories with me.

Leeann: First of all, I have to start by saying a huge THANK YOU for supporting BuckWHAT!, and me, since the very beginning. It’s been 3 years now! You recently told me that you starting eating Noshes instead of Gu on your long runs. As a marathon runner myself, I have eaten a whole lot of Gu while training. As delicious as some are (salty caramel was always my favorite), some of the ingredients are definitely not the healthiest. What are you currently training for?

Sophie: A marathon – The Marine Corp.  My brother said, “let’s enter the lottery for a spot.” Well, both of us got in.  When I am doing my long runs, I usually relied on GU, but it does not seem to work for me; they’re too artificial.  So, I took a chance and tried BuckWHAT! on my runs, and you know, they worked out really well. I am so happy about it.  They are not too sweet and I feel like they supply the right amount of energy.

Leeann: When is the big day? (BTW Sophie told me when I interviewed her that she ran 3 hours that day!)

Sophie: October 28

Leeann: At which point in your run do you typically have a Nosh, and how many do you eat throughout your run?

Sophie: As for when I power up during runs, I usually eat 1/2 of a Nosh at 6 or so, another 1/2 around 9, 1/2 at 12. Perhaps, that is a good pattern.  So far two is my max during runs, but as my training gets to the longer runs, I may have to carry more! I really think runners search for that perfect power source during long runs. My brother’s friend tried a type of chia seed concoction, another time he tried a burrito type of energy snack. I think he heard about the Native American runners eating some type of food like that during their super long runs of 100 miles or so.

Leeann: Prior to this training, were you eating Noshes for energy or just as a snack?

Sophie: Yes!! I found BuckWHAT! great for traveling! So often travelers are in a place where you don’t have access to something healthy to eat. It is great to carry these when I travel, and I know my friend, Nancy,  does too. I would rather eat Noshes then a lousy bagel in an airport any day!

Leeann: When I started, I only had two flavors — Cocoa and Crunchy Peanut. You always ordered both. Now that I have four flavors — do you have a favorite?

Sophie: You are right, my favorites remain the cocoa and the peanut ones.

Leeann: This one might be a tough one. My mind is always working to think of the next new flavor. Any requests?

Sophie: How about pistachio? Pistachio with some apricot?  Cashew? Macadamia? Pecan with a hint of maple syrup? (I love to snack on nuts :).  

Sophie also told me that her husband discovered a new way to eat the Cocoa Noshes. Frozen. In his words “they taste like a Milky Way bar.” Who knew buckwheat could taste so good?! Yum!


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