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Welcome to the BuckWHAT! Blog: The BuckWHAT! Blast!

I decided to kick things off with one of my favorite themes -- Fitness!

For as long as I could remember, I have been into fitness. Some may even label me a “fitness junkie”, but that sort of has a negative connotation to it, so I prefer “enthusiast.” I’m enthusiastic about fitness because I think it’s essential for a healthy body and a healthy mind for myself and my family. And, as in all I do, I try to spread that enthusiasm around!

Back in High School, as soon as I got my license, I joined Gold’s Gym in Deer Park, New York. My friends and I would take spin classes and run on the treadmill. I’m not going to pretend that there weren’t a few cute boys there as an added incentive, but nevertheless it launched me on this journey in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

Later on, I discovered the running track. I used to run laps listening to Tim Mcgraw’s Greatest Hits, on repeat, on my discman. To this day, I can sing every lyric to every song on that album. Maybe I was drawn to the stories. Who knows what fuels a teenage mind?!

In College, at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!), I stuck with running, although to a slightly different playlist. After, when I moved to Manhattan, I was back to a gym. There were so many new fitness studios and workouts to explore. Flywheel and Laughing Lotus were two of my go to's. Along with these workouts, I continued running! I ran my first half marathon in East Hampton in 2011. Infected by the continual search for a runner’s high, I ran about 10 more including one in Thailand with my best friend, and two NYC Marathons, one of them with my then fiance (now my husband:)).

Two kids later, I have not stopped. With both of my babies, I worked out until the day before I had them. Although the added responsibility of little ones has changed the length and frequency of my workouts, I find that I enjoy them in a different way. It’s a bit of “me” time in the increasingly hectic schedule of the working, not to mention entrepreneurial, mom. I definitely do not have the time to train for a half marathon, let a lone a full, or to do back to back classes before a Sunday brunch with friends (ahh, those days). Yet, I always make sure I find at least 45 minutes in the day to get to the gym, go for a run, or even do 100 burpees (thanks Oscar Colan). To me, it’s about taking the time for myself and staying healthy.

So how do I fuel for these workouts? With BuckWHAT Noshes of course!!

Thanks for reading my first blog post!! I can’t wait to share some more of my stories, things that I love, places we go and of course a whole bunch of buckwheat recipes, to come!!

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